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Getting Around San Diego

Metropolitan Transit System
This is the public system that runs through the city. You can find maps that will help you get to the destination you need to go to. Information is available in English and Spanish. There are fares that you need to pay before you can ride the transit system. Holiday times vary, and you need to call the main office to find out when the system is running.

When you visit the city, one of the fun ways that you can get around is on the red and gold trolley. It travels through the center of town, and you can view the sights of the city as you ride. Some trolleys have a top area where you can sit if you are traveling a long distance.

Car Rentals
When you think about renting a car, you probably think about a car with four doors that has a roof. One of the car rentals in San Diego gives you a unique view of the beach and the city. It is a convertible car that has room for two people. This is a coastal car that has two front wheels and two smaller wheels in the back. It is a fun way to get around on your own and see all of the things that a normal car might not allow you to see.

San Diego is a large city. If you are trying to get from the city to another destination, then you might want to consider an airplane and fly in and out of San Diego International Airport. There are several airlines that you can choose from. You can find an airline that fits the budget that you have. Commuter flights as well as international flights are available. This is the best way to get from the city to another state or another city in California if you don't want to drive.

If you want to travel in style, then you can get a limousine for the day or evening. There are numerous styles of limousines that you can rent, and you can rent them for as long as you want them. Gather a group of friends and spend a night on the town viewing all of the popular sights of the city. They are great if you are in town for a birthday or wedding party.